Any Company, be it a Research Development Company, a Commercial Product Company, Service Provider: a robust, reproduceable, precise and dependable analytical result of their job is an important aspect of the job which can determine the feasibility of the project. At Microfine Pharma, we offer analytical testing of the product to support technical claims as addendum to our micronising service.

Analyticals in micronised materials have posed their own challenges and number of methods have evolved.

These include Dry Particle Count, Wet Particle Count, Direct Count, Laser Count by a Projection Microscope and by The Malvern.

We undertake to provide results ranging from the conventional sieve analysis to the recent state of the art physical characterisation.

Our dependable analytical skills will help you to plan your product cycle and in turn reduce the turn around time.

The facilites at our plant at Vapi are well driven by competent persons who understand the demands of the prodcuts.

Microfine Pharma is now open to work on joint ventures in product development,method validation, anaylitical method development and product characterisation.

Clients can thus be successful in:

  • Prefered particle size
  • Ideal micronisation procedure
  • Solving formulation problems
  • Understanding process conditions